Sunday, May 8, 2011

Only Two Weeks to Go...

...until school starts for me.  I think I've done pretty much everything I could in preparation.  I got new clothes.  I bleached my teeth, so they won't scare the children.  I've been to a doctor for a check-up.  I still have to get my car serviced.  Now I just have to wait.  And worry.  Worrying probably doesn't need to be on an official checklist, but it seems, at times, that that is what I do best.  Once school starts, I probably won't know whether or not my head is on straight.  I hope it isn't too hard for me.

English Composition and Art History.  Those are the first two classes that I'm taking.  I'm hoping that I will do well in English, since I do have some experience as a writer.  But I don't know what the expectations will be.  And Art History?  Well, I really don't know anything about it.  It will be challenging to me.  I guess you sort of hope for classes that will be a bit of a challenge.  That just proves that you're learning, right?  Because these are summer classes, though, there will be three times as much learning is shoved into a six-week course.  Going from nothing into speed learning will be a bit of a challenge.  Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

wow, Art History sounds fun :)

you will do great because you are smart

Adult Student said...

Thanks, Alex. You're smart too. :)