Saturday, April 23, 2011

Healthy America

"Not french fries too!"  I thought as I read the latest headline on how health conscious Americans are becoming.  In the past thirty years or so, Americans have become increasingly health conscious at the same time obesity is on the rise.  How can this be?  How can such healthy Americans be so overweight, and have so many health problems?  And why are they trying to get rid of french fries too?

As a committed smoker, these health trends have really affected me personally.  It had been years since I had taken the train.  But I needed to go to Philadelphia so I found myself back at the train station, like good old times.  As usual, since I was outdoors, not inside the train, I lit up a cigarette.  I got a few nasty looks from people.  That wasn't too unusual considering how health conscious and perfect Americans have become.  I was smoking away when I noticed a sign across the train tracks at the other side of the train station.  It was a "no smoking" sign.  Outdoors?!  I could understand no smoking inside a claustrophobia inducing enclosed space like a train, but outdoors?!  I looked around to see if there were any no smoking signs on my half of the train station.  Indeed there were.  SUVs and diesel trucks and many other pollutants are allowed to put untold filth into the environment, but my little cigarette is an offense?  But I had already lit up, so I decided to finish.  On the train ride, despite the no smoking signs outdoors, I noticed one brave soul who was smoking anyway.  A military man.  Someone who still had his human dignity intact.  God Bless America.

So major chemical dumps, nuclear power plants and many other much more dangerous pollutants are tolerated while smoking and french fries are out the door.  What sense does this country make?  In California it's even worse and more nonsensical.  Smoking is barely tolerated, all the while they're trying to make pot legal.  Pot is undoubtedly worse for your health than cigarettes.  But even pot smokers are prejudiced against cigarette smokers.  Being against smokers is truly the last acceptable prejudice.

In 10...20 years we can expect more insane rules that regulate unpopular people to death while big corporations do whatever they want.  And health conscious Americans will continue to get even fatter and more unhealthy.  As for me, I'll stick with my french fries and cigarettes so long as I can.  Everything in moderation.


cpsr said...

"French fries and cigarettes", sounds like a love novel. The first step in knowing your sick is to recognize that sickness. America becoming conscious in itself is healthy.

Adult Student said...

You're as in you are, not your. Get America a dictionary while you're at it.

cpsr said...

ooo, I know that statement I made sounded like I was directing it at you, but I was actually talking about America has its issues, and it's good that they'd become conscious of them and are trying to work them out.

I appreciate the grammar lesson though. What I really need lessons on is proofreading. ;)

Adult Student said...

Okay. It's all good.

mikeschenher said...

I agree with you (and your comments). America (and Canada) demonize cigarette smokers while smoking pot and drinking alcohol are celebrated. Pot and alcohol have destroyed many more lives than cigarettes.

I can recall a french fry commercial where the punch line is "French fries are made of potatoes and potatoes are vegetables, so french fries must be good for you!"

Adult Student said...

Thanks for your comment, Mike. :)