Monday, September 5, 2011

First Week of New Semester

I had a brief two weeks off in between my last summer class and this new fall semester.  I have  a full course load this semester.  I'm taking four classes--Math, Spanish, Biological Science, and Interpersonal Communication.  I have been doing homework ALL  weekend!  Math is easy, Spanish is fun, mostly because I hope to learn to actually speak/read Spanish fluently.  Science is hard, and Interpersonal Communication is weird.

I gave a girl in my Interpersonal Communication class my blog address, so I guess I'll have to be extra careful about what I write (hope I don't get too boring).  I thought it would be an easy class given that it's pretty much a soft science, but there's actually a LOT of homework (in Spanish, tarea).

I already speak/read a bit of Spanish, so that class has so far been fairly easy for me.  There is a fair bit of homework, but it's been homework that I don't really mind, because I actually do want to become fluent in Spanish.  It should help me to be able to communicate with 1/4 of the US population for one thing.  Plus, if I ever take a vacation in Mexico, South America, or any other Spanish speaking place, I'll be able to function properly.

In other GOOD news, over my two week vacation I found out that I won two small scholarships!  This happened after I got my second A from my summer classes.  It isn't that much money, but every little bit helps.  Mostly, it just feels nice to be appreciated.  I'll have to go to a scholarship dinner called "Dollars for Scholars" to show my appreciation to the donors.  I also had to sign a release so that the school could publicize my name in newspapers.  These weren't even scholarships for older women.  I actually beat out regular college kids for these scholarships.

Overall, my classes seem okay, most of the students seem like decent people, and most of the professors seem okay.


Karissa said...

Congratulations on the scholarships! That's awesome! :)

Adult Student said...

Thanks, Karissa. :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Hey, congratulations! Much deserved scholarships girl!

Adult Student said...

Thanks Psycho! :)