Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Semesters

Sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged.  I had some medical problems over winter break and had to go to the hospital for a couple of weeks for a medication readjustment.


Quick recap of my fall semester—I got A’s in everything except for Calculus.  I got a C in Calculus.  It was a terrible class.  My teacher didn’t actually teach anything, he just read from the book.  The book, of course, was totally incomprehensible to me.  If it hadn’t been for what my dad could teach me in Calculus, I would have gotten an F.  I am so glad I am through with Calculus.  I just hope it transfers to whatever four year school I end up going to so I don’t have to take it again.


This past semester has been better to me.  I ended up only taking three classes.  At first I was signed up for five—Intro to Chemistry, General Botany, Western Civilization II, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  At first I dropped the Intro to Chemistry class.  I decided that that would just be too much for me.  My Western Civ. II class was a mid-semester accelerated course.  So I had the first half of the semester to think about it.  Botany was an extremely difficult and time consuming class.  Word and Excel—both online classes—while not as difficult were extremely time consuming.  I realized mid-semester that taking on an accelerated class at that point would be too overwhelming for me, and would probably affect my grades.  So I dropped Western Civ. II and just stuck with my three classes.  I was convinced that the best I could do in Botany was a B.  But I must have done better on the final than I thought, and I got an A.  I got A’s in Word and Excel as well.  So I’m much happier about this semester than last semester.


Because I dropped two classes, I have to take two classes over the summer to graduate with a summer graduation.  I’m taking Intro to Chemistry for the first summer session, and Western Civ. II for the second summer session.  Wish me luck.


So now I have to worry about applying to four year schools.  I’m going to apply (reapply) to the University of Pennsylvania and to Drexel University.  If I don’t get in to the University of Pennsylvania, then I’m going to go to Drexel.  If I don’t get into either of them, then I’m going to go to West Chester University.  West Chester University requires that you have at least a 2.0 GPA, so it’s not the best of schools, but a bachelor’s degree from somewhere is better than nothing.  Wish me luck on getting into a good school.

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