Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Latest

I've been studying a lot recently, and have much studying to do this weekend, so sorry I haven't blogged recently.  As for class this week--my teacher laughed at me when I tried to answer one of his questions.  From praise to ridicule.  I just hope it doesn't affect my grade.

My professor discusses a lot of things besides history.  He has been going on and on recently about how bad the K-12 schools have gotten and how kids who "can't" learn should simply be expelled.  I tried to make an argument in favor of the kids who aren't natural students, that "you don't know what they're going through," and he said sarcastically, "You're makin' me cry."  I also said that it is the teacher's responsibility to sort of police the kids and create a good environment.  And also that kids of a certain age are simply wild and teachers have to be able to overlook that.  I don't think my arguments got me very far, but I hope they don't affect my grade. 

We also talked a lot about religion.  I happen to know a fair bit about Catholicism/Christianity, so I'm able to hold my own in a discussion about such things.  In fact, I taught my teacher.  Since that time, he's been quizzing me about my religious knowledge, and I've been able to answer most of the questions.  I hope he doesn't hold it against me if I just so happen to know more about religion that he does.

After class, a girl came up to me and started discussion how arrogant and mean the teacher is and I agreed, but I said I hadn't noticed it until that day.  She said she noticed it the first day.  I guess I hadn't noticed it until he burst out laughing at me when I was making an attempt to participate.  He has his good points, but he does have an obnoxious side.  I just hope it doesn't affect my grade.  Are you starting to notice a theme here?  I don't much care what goes on so long as I can still get a good grade.


jamiessmiles said...

Any "teacher" who thinks like that is NOT a teacher. After all, aren;t teachers supposed to want to educate their students for the better, not just if they are easy to teach. After all, natural students will learn even without a teacher, where ones with difficulties are the ones that really need the teacher. Realistically he is talking himself out of a job, because those interested could learn on the internet. The teachers fucking JOB is to help those having problems. What an idiot.
As for laughing at a student who disagrees with him. What an ego.

Adult Student said...

Thanks so much, Jamie. That makes me feel better. :)

Karissa said...

I totally agree with Jamie! I can't believe a teacher laughed at you for participating in class! The point in class should be to bring about discussions and other view points and to learn! Not to be ridiculed! I am going to teach a class this fall and would never think to laugh at a student! Those are the teachers that need to be removed as they are not adding to the academic environment. Sadly, that is not usually what happens! If you are able to get a course evaluation make sure to fill it out. At my University I run these and they really are taken into consideration and adjuncts have not been asked back because of bad evals.