Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Atomic Test: A Story of Academic Survival

This American History test that I just took yesterday was so hard that two students dropped the class.  The first one, that guy I had mentioned earlier who never took notes, looked at the test, decided it was too hard (I guess) and walked out.  The other one, a girl who seemed to take notes, took the test, left for break, and never came back.  It was an incredibly hard test.  Even with notes (it was open notebook).  I still think I may have even gotten a C.

This test was also inordinately stressful for me for another reason.  Part of the test was to write two essays.  And it was open notebook.  So I wrote two essays ahead of time, and wrote them in my notebook.  BUT this was a big academic sin in this teacher's eyes.  I didn't know that beforehand, but I was afraid of getting caught for having intended to copy. 

The teacher walked up and down the aisles and checked everybody's notes and study guides.  He didn't notice my little problem.  I thought about just telling him, but it was too late.  I didn't use my pre-written essays, but trying to convince him of that if he knew would probably have been impossible.  Throughout the test, he would take strolls up and down the aisles... flipping through people's notes, reading what you were writing and what you were reading.  I was in sheer terror.  Even after the test was done, I was afraid that he might take a last peek at our notebooks, just to be sure.  I threw out my essays as soon as I got home, so if he EVER checks, he'll never know.

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jamiessmiles said...

Well, if you didn't use them I don;t see how he could not see that by READING the essays. But he should have told you all ahead of time that this was a no no. I mean why bother telling you that there are two essays on the test and that it is open book if this was not to help you prep. Kind of a dick head move, IMHO.