Friday, July 8, 2011

New Class

This was the first week of my new class.  I didn't have quite as many nerves this time.  I think I am the oldest person in the classroom, but at least the teacher is older than me this time.  The work seems fairly interesting--it's an American History class from Columbus through the civil war.

Most of the students seem nice except for one really obnoxious, arrogant student.  He has salt n' pepper hair and has to be in his late twenties or early thirties.  He didn't have anything intelligent to say, but he kept talking anyway.  He said things like that Columbus had an affair with Queen Isabel, and that's why she supported him.  And upon hearing that Columbus was destitute and ruined by the end of his life, he said, "He must have been married."  He said many other stupid and obnoxious things.  He didn't take notes in class, and kept badgering the teacher for an A.  I don't even know why he's there.  The only reason that I can think of is that his parole officer made him do it.

But the teacher seems nice.  He's pretty funny too.  He seems to want to really engage the students.  27% of the grade is class participation.  There is a lot of reading to do, and that is mostly to participate in class discussions intelligently.

We watched a movie about Columbus.  One of the things that was mentioned in the movie was how the Indians were so gracious to Columbus and his crew.  They gave them food, and whatever else they liked.  But then they wanted their things back, so this is where the term "Indian giver" comes from.  If you consider the larger picture, that really isn't so awful.  If they were Americans, they would have given the people the things that they wanted, and charged usurious interest rates, thus enslaving them for life.  Of course, Columbus did end up enslaving the Indians.  He might as well have been a Wall Street broker.  He was an adventurer, but also a supreme jerk.


Becky said...

hahaha, I laughed about the parole officer part. I hope this semester goes well for you!

Adult Student said...

Thanks, Becky. :)

Karissa said...

There is always one in every class! Good luck!

Adult Student said...

Thanks for the comment, Karissa!